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Our Vision

IT Solutions & Consulting Services is a corporate bringing simple solutions to complex issues by building an IT infrastructure for connecting your business to the world. We are a premier full-service Development and Quality Assurance partner, specializing in the development of innovative and time-sensitive SaaS, and a well-design network architecture.

For our clients software is a critical success factor. To every project, we bring a combination of domain expertise, exceptional engineering talent, rigorous best practices and commitment to the protection of client’s IP.

— L. Rodriguez, Founder IT Solutions & Consulting Services, Inc.

Our Approach

We use the talent, creativity, and energy of your own people to deliver business results. We focus on your strengths to strong your weakness.

Our team combines the most innovative technologies on the market to build a powerful and custom product for your business.

Our company works under the SOLID design principle. These principles, when applied together, will make it easier to create a system that is easy to maintain and extend over time. It is part of an overall strategy of agile and Adaptive Software Development.

We pretend that our design and code could be modular, scalable and easy to maintenance. We work hard to kept it clean and efficient.

Quality assurance and quality control are both crucial concepts in terms of manufacturing to ensure a company's products are created effectively and in a manner they expect.

Our company guarantees to exceed your expectations and your overall reaction to our products and services by implementing an exhaustive process which combining those concepts QA and QC. We support to 100% each development or solution.

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Our Services

Cloud Computing

Connect with customers worldwide with digital campaigns that are personalized and scalable.

Web Design and SEO

Flexibility and Modular, Self-contained Practices. Resources are focused in our client necessities

Mobile and Tablet Apps

We let the purpose of the particular web or mobile application drive its design and user experience.


Protect your data and applications no matter where they reside to avoid costly business interruptions.

Networking Solutions

Our solutions provide an isolated and secure environment to run your virtual machines and applications.

Customer service

We provide support to 100% each development or solution by implementing high-quality assurance and control.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


We build responsive UI.


A strongly software design pattern knowledge.

Frontend Development

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Other Skills

HTML 5 SASS LESS Jquery CSS 3 Git Linux C/C++ ASP.NET Angular C# SQL-Server APIs Networking Administration Networking Design Spanish


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